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Douglas Fleming

What's your specialty?Mechanical Engineering

Kate Osborn

What's your specialty?Civil

Sean Hennigan

What's your specialty?Oil & Gas

Julie Kittridge

What's your specialty?engineering recruiter

Jim Kelley

What's your specialty?Project Management - PetroChem, O&G, Heavy Industrial

Austin Gillespie

What's your specialty?Recording Arts

Edwin Doetzel

What's your specialty?Aeronautical


What's your specialty?Software Development

Katie Jamieson

What's your specialty?Connecting engineers

Michael Pinch

What's your specialty?Product Development


What's your specialty?Bluetooth

Sky Zeng

What's your specialty?Business, plastc injection mould toolmaking, injection molding

Steve Yancey

What's your specialty?Sourcing

Alison Nogueira

What's your specialty?Mechanical Engineering Cooperative Education Program

Emily Davis

What's your specialty?Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Lee Hughes

What's your specialty?Ex Industrial Instrumentation, Now Full time QA

Herve Cantave

What's your specialty?Mechanical

NorthTree Associates

What's your specialty?Electronic Test & Measurement

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