Kevin Hobbs



What's your specialty? Cost effective PoC instrumentation and bench top automation

Main job title, if applicable Design Engineer

What are your interests? Electronic design, analogue, digital, uC, mechanisms. Ormerod 3D printer for quick PoC parts.

Education, accomplishments, other stuff I'm proud of BSc Engineering, MIET. Worked on great projects; Laser Raman industrial design. Chemiluminescence detector for research. Clinical trials test systems. Nano dispensers.

ELFS will be great for me because I have stuff to give, have lots of experience in a specialty

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"Thanks Richard,
Amazing update speed!I'll have a look and see if I can find my post. I have so many site accounts, forums and groups it's hard to keep up.I must see if anyone has developed a 'manager' to keep track of things.

Cheers, Kevin"

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