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Senior Members (30)

Vlad Kulchitski

What's your specialty?Software Engineer

Ron Levine

What's your specialty?Virtualization

Reuben Bedingfield

What's your specialty?Network security

Paul Robert Becker

What's your specialty?Electro-Mechanical Technology

Nicole Roach

What's your specialty?design

Nathan Pawlowski

What's your specialty?Chemical Engineering

Morgan Misek

What's your specialty?Mechanical Engineering & Design

Mike Egli

What's your specialty?Medical Devices

Leah Stidsen

What's your specialty?Engineering - Pharmaceutical Industry

Krystle Swain

What's your specialty?Research and Development, SME in disposables and manufacturing

Kerry Arqing

What's your specialty?Data acquisition, embedded design, low power micros

Justin Shorey

What's your specialty?Wireless Construction

Joshua shorey

What's your specialty?Quality engineering

Jonathan Schwartz

What's your specialty?Web/Database Applications

John Charlwood

What's your specialty?Facilities Support

Jeremy Medow

What's your specialty?Amateur Electrical Engineer

Jason Antkowiak

What's your specialty?Process Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Technical Writing

Faraj Gibbs

What's your specialty?Civil Engineering

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