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Mohan Babu

What's your specialty?R&D

Dan Serbanescu M.S.M.E.

What's your specialty?Mechanical & Pneumatics

Alexey Spichak

What's your specialty?Engineer mechanikal

Pat Cox

What's your specialty?Product and Process design

Brad Gibson

What's your specialty?commercial drones

Don Fitchett

What's your specialty?Industrial Training

Pawel Kilian

What's your specialty?Mechanical Engineering

Kelly Buffum

What's your specialty?materials, mechanical eng

Piotr Kumor

What's your specialty?Lean Manufacturing

Marcin Chorąży

What's your specialty?Production Engineering

Fabiola De la Cueva

What's your specialty?LabVIEW

fredrick william hodgson

What's your specialty?product design

Andrea Solomon

What's your specialty?Oracle

Luis Sanchez

What's your specialty?Gas Turbines

Ryan Trulli

What's your specialty?Rapid Prototyping

Adam Bush

What's your specialty?CAD Design (Pro/ENGINEER)

Alexander Hussain

What's your specialty?Mechanical Design

Roland Guilmet

What's your specialty?Embedded Software

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