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  • Looking for an Operation Manual for a Plasma Etch PE-100 machine.  Any help would be appricated.  The manufacture is not very responsive.


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  • PLC Programming Basics

    Some of the 40 plus PLC simulations built into the PLC Programming Basics certificate course software, shown below. See course software with PLC simulation interactives is just one of the many advantages over typical online courses. If you know those who may be interested, please share with them. #programming #plcprogramming #training #course #plc





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  • Engineering Economics

    Engineering Economics

     book pdf    click here to download

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  • You realize that you've got the potential to succeed. A person we unlock it? Possibly an answer? People keep a person that it just takes one additional 'secret' attain whatever you desire. That's an illusion will be placed staring at the monitor of you by sales teams though. There's a method to achieving success, but may no magic key. Having said that, a person learn ways to achieve financial success. Using the right knowledge could lie just around the corner.

    The best part is that, with regarding tools available online, you can start up your poll soon. It is very easy and even a no-brainer can do it without any hassle. The only complication is about deciding onto the topics of the polls in addition to targeted viewer's. This will depend on the nature of the company that will buy records. For instance, let us assume that you will interested in selling data to a Metalab Garcinia insurer. In that case, you it is fair to seek experience of those many people who are regularly attending a gym. You have got to ask them questions about their regimen, eating habits, workout frequency, along with other lifestyle designs.

    The words you use when presenting an offer are nearly as important just like the product on it's own. All good salespeople are closet psychologists. Avoid the use of generic phrases like "buy now" to sell consumers. Use terms that these feel like they will be going to enriching their lives buying this merchandise. It will make people likely to take that plunge striking the order button.

    To master how many calories are from fat examine the label. The label are listed the total calories and then list how many calories are from fat. If there are 100 total calories, and there are 70 calories from fat, that's 70%, too high.

    The is effective and you burn off fats with ease. You can see the final results when make use of the pills yourself. Metalabs Garcinia Cambogia Pills work easily associated with the ingredients. The fruit is viewed as to be one for the most potent weight loss agents in the wild. It stops through consuming more food by suppressing urge for food without any artificial fillers or binders. You can thus depend upon the supplement pills rather than work naturally on physique without any possible side effects.

    Garlic Oil: Garlic oil or the juice of garlic carries a significant protective quality to cells that assist to reduce fatty builds. When taken, it brings down the degree of weight. In brief, Garlic has the capacity reduce fat in your cells hugely. I suggest some mints after finding.

    Several many of this weight loss supplement enhances its popularity in comparison to some other weight loss product. Dr .. Oz also reviewed this product.

    Be a happier person with Garcinia cambogia extract. It will together with your health issues, weight issues, confidence and temper. Not only that, planning fight depression for you too. So, now how the best approach to lose weight, Garcinia Cambogia, is with you, be unabashed a person stand on that extent.

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  • Hollywood's Hottest Diet - Acai Burn

    For many teenagers acne outbreaks belong on the list of teen terrors; those ideas you dread most. During puberty work involved . a shift in hormones, take into account everyday events and typically junk food in the teenagers' consuming plans. Combine all of such and the environment for potential acne problems has been established. Taking control of these causes decreases your odds of a very severe acne outbreak.

    And, the same as Donald Trump, Jillian has received some Close Encounters among the Lawsuit . Two, to be exact, both based on her Metalab Garcinia products. TMZ reports that documents filed in M.A. County Superior Court describe the Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control complement as "worthless." The lawsuit reportedly is seeking an injunction preventing the product from being sold, as well as damages.

    The pills contain the pumpkin shaped fruit and found in India and South Asia, Metalab Garcinia. The rind for the fruit contains 50% HCA or hydroxycitric acid which is the miraculous ingredient regarding pills. HCA is very theraputic for several reasons when one is trying hard for excess. Firstly it raises the level of serotonin which consequently improves your sleep, enhances your moods, and curbs emotional eating and food craving. Secondly it manages the stress hormones cortisol which is a major hindrance in your weight loss and belly trimming. HCA not only prevents fats from being made but also directs the fats to get the glycogen and the energy source for burning of entire body.

    Zinc pyruvate is a mixture of pyruvic acid with some other minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium. This makes it a very potent metabolic booster. It may speed your current metabolism and ensures really quick fat burning. Not only this, it also decreases blood glucose levels and lowers blood tension.

    I believe that you actually drink your whey about thirty minutes prior to going to your gymnasium. A typical your body plenty of time to digest the aminoacids. This also makes sure that the protein is quickly available for you for muscle restore soon after your work through.

    Animal sources is the best as well as the most typical method specifically where those who find themselves seeking to build up muscle mass obtain their protein. Consuming foods which include trim meat, steak, tuna fish, egg-whites as well as other lean healthy proteins is very efficient in improving the body's capacity grow. Yet for quite a few people this simply isn't achievable. Meat eaters reason to acquire their proteins off their sources. Excluding egg whites, they're left with not many alternatives. Some food items no meat people consume to get protein include almonds, avocados, and a whole lot.

    For a rep who would like to retail out more products, draught beer internet downline building should be mastered strategy to to augment sales volume online. It's a sure shot way to create a good standing in this sales business.

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  • Keyless remotes have reduced the hassles faced by car owners. This compact device not only increases the security of the car but also makes several functions in the car easy. Keyless remotes are user-friendly and can perform several tasks just with few buttons. With these keyless car remotes one can open the door, start the ignition, roll down the windows and perform various other functions.

    A keyless car remote works based on the transmission of radio waves that run between the remote and receiver that is installed in the car. When you press the remote, specific frequency waves are sent. When these waves are received by the receiver and the code matches, the device allows you to access the car.

    Nowadays, almost every model of car comes with an in-built remote system. However, if you own a model that is a bit older and does not have this facility, then you can easily get it installed within a short span of time.

    One issue that most of us face with these remotes is that we sometimes end up losing the remote. So what should you do in such a situation? You can contact your dealer and get a car remote replacement, however, they might charge you a lot of money. Even a locksmith will ask for a lot of money to replace and program the remote. Thus, the best option is to find a reliable online retailer.

    If you have decided to buy the car key remote replacement from an online retailer, then read the following tips to find the right online retailer.

    Don’t choose any random retailer : There are plenty of online retailers who are just waiting for an opportunity to make some quick money. They might sell equipment that is defective or outdated and give you a hard time when you decide to return your purchase. So make sure you do a little research about the company. Look for reviews on their website. This will help you decide if the company is reliable or just trying to fool you. 

    Find if the remote can be programmed yourself : Some replacement car remotes can be programmed by the owner. However, you will need to go to a dealer or locksmith to get some of them programmed. If you’re not sure about how the programming works, then contact the customer service before you place the order. You don’t want to be under the impression that you’re saving big just to realize that you need to pay huge amounts to the dealer to get the remote to work.

    Make sure you order the RIGHT remote: A remote that resembles your current remote may not actually be same. So make sure that you choose the replacement key fobs based on the year, make and model of your car. And if you’re still not sure, then contact the customer service to find out which is the right remote for your car. This will help you stay away from the hassles of returning the product and also ensure that you will get the right product on time.

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  • A chaque étape de vie d’une personne, comme un anniversaire ou une réussite, nous voulons essayer de rendre la personne heureuse. La grande difficulté est de choisir un cadeau. Et encore plus difficile est pour le patron de cette personne de choisir le cadeau le plus approprié. Heureusement, il y a de nombreuses sociétés qui proposent des cadeaux d’entreprises



    Des cadeaux d’affaires qui peuvent être personnalisé :

    Le plus populaire et le plus original des cadeaux d’entreprises dans le monde est le chocolat. Il est facile d’en trouver et peu importe l’occasion cela fait toujours plaisir. Vous pouvez aussi chercher pour votre

    logo en chocolat et ainsi représenter votre société par la même occasion, que se soir pour vos employés ou pour vos clients. Il faut choisir pour des chocolats de qualité.


    Il faut les rendre présentable et attractif :


    Il est possible d’offrir les chocolats personnalisés dans un emballage également personnalisé ou dans un emballage spécial. Cela augmente encore plus la personnalisation et donc la perception positive de

    votre cadeau. Vous pouvez offrir cela à vos employés afin d’augmenter leur motivation et donc leur performance. De plus, ce genre de cadeau vous rendra fier de votre entreprise!


    Pour plus d'informations:- Logo chocolat

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  • Car repair services are an essential part of nowadays as the unexpected breakdowns and repair might come in the way if a person owns a car. Maintenance and repair of cars are necessary to keep the car in a good condition and to make it more durable.

    The car repair shops provide the following services:

    1.Provides maintenance and servicing

    2.Diagnose, work and repair electrically as well as mechanically

    3.Reads E.C.U fault code

    There are lots of shops which do all round the clock. Hence, sometimes it is difficult to find the best service available. The following guidelines and tips would be useful to find good car repair services shops in Singapore who would provide the best services:
    car repair Singapore
    1.The repair shops should provide the quality services at affordable rates.

    2.These shops should have a valid license.

    3.The technicians should be honest and customer friendly

    4.The repair shops should have the latest equipment so that there is no difficulty in the repair of the new model car which has new car parts.

    5.The atmosphere of these shops is also important as the feedback is given by one customer to another will be of good response.

    6.The repair shops should have professionals having certificates like ASP, Delco or certificates from manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, and GM.

    The customers in Singapore who goes for car repair services always pay attention to these shops garage centers. Hence, the providers should make sure that their garages are not covered in filth and are not unorganized. If these shops fail to keep that environment then the customers find some other options. The car mechanic may not be able to find the equipment of his need in time if the garage is not maintained. Hence to find a car repair shop the ambiance is very important.

    Since there are lots of repair shops in Singapore all around, it becomes sometimes difficult to get a good one. The repair should be done in those shops which offer economical rate without compromising on the quality of their work. It is always better to assure that these repair shops have trained and qualified technicians. The service companies who don’t disclose their prices honestly should always be avoided. The car mechanic should be capable of fixing the vehicle and also efficient in examining the parts which need to be fixed. The types of repairs undertaken by these service shops include the following:

    1.MOT & MOT repairs




    5.Wheel alignment

    6.Air conditioning

    7.General repairs for all types of car and light commercials

    The people of Singapore usually take the recommendation of the others for these services. Hence, it is essential for these service shops to satisfy their customers and make them speak good words about them. To get a good opinion from the people the mechanics take the lead role in giving a quick and an efficient service which should be long lasting.

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  • Keyless Remotes: Smart Keys for Cars

    In this era of technology, everyday people come across are unique technology that blows the minds of the people and made them to wonder how can this be possible? The advancements of technology have touched greater heights in the field of gadgets and cars. Earlier people used key to lock and unlock the car but now all this can be done just by pressing a button. Just like a television channel changes with a soft touch on the remote, similarly car lock or unlock itself just by giving a command from the remote. Advanced technology remotes offers the users a wide variety of convenient features, with a code-security feature in these remotes the chances of theft are negligible, and stretched the comfort for the user.

    Thinking about purchasing a new car? Planning o use it regularly? Then the best available option is Toyota and Hyundai. These companies offer latest technology cars with strong and durable features. Toyota Keyless remotes are easy to function and offer various features like code security, switch on/off the interiors, lock/unlock the car, ignition mode etc making the car innovative and a worth to purchase. Using remotes is basically remote central locking without any external use; it provides safety and lessens the chances of theft and robbery. Keyless remotes technology basically comes in the form of key-fob, in simpler terms it is an electromagnetic key that contains a chip and transmits signal. When a person gives any command, the electric signals are directed to the electronic module which responds as per the instructions. Basically, the chip installed is the major part of the remote which emits the code and the vehicle will respond only if the right code is instructed.

    However, often people complain about the programming defaults and losing the remotes. No need to worry, in case a person lost the remote or there is any default, then easy replacement of car remotes can be done, all a person need is to tell the year and model of the car. After a certain amount of usage, there come small problems which become a hindrance in smooth driving that is when a person needs to get it replaced. Many companies offer replacements and repairs of keyless remotes especially Hyundai, as they aim in providing full satisfaction to the clients. Once the replacement is done, a person has to program it again and set the code so as to get maximum benefits of this technology.

    Many dealers, out there also deal in selling of car key remotes after replacement, by repairing and re-manufacturing them, making them brand new and ready to be sold once again. After proper testing and solving every default, these are once again readily available for sale.

    So, for those who are planning for a car or those who have high definition expensive cars, in case the remotes need repairing, then no need to hassle just surf the internet and pick the best company who can serve you and handover a brand new one.

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  • I want to drive an industrial degaussing coil with low frequency AC. The coil needs to be about 8" ID and produce 10-15,000 Amp-Turns. The coil can be custom made, probably 1000 turns of #12 wire. I want a sine wave current in the 0.5-5 Hz range.

    It has been suggested that a VFD motor control intended for a 3-phase motor could be used for this. I'd like the input to be no more than 240 VAC single phase, output a single phase of AC around 10 - 20 amps at low frequency.

    Would a stock VFD be able to do this using only a single leg of its 3-phase output? Any recommendations on VFD brand or specs? This is a one-off application for testing.

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  • Eosinophilic disorders are a class of autoimmune conditions in which a type of white blood cell called eosinophil causes localized irritation, swelling, discomfort, and potentially serious complications in certain tissues. These are often gastrointestinal disorders (EGIDs) affecting the esophagus, stomach, and intestines, and are considered chronic once diagnosed. The incidence of these disorders is sharply on the rise with some estimates that approximately 1% of the developed world is affected, e.g. up to 3 million people in the United States. I'll be using this blog and some ones as a place to capture this design that has taken shape. The purpose here is to document where it came from, why it's relevant and useful, and how you might use it yourself or spread it out into the world for others.
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  • While having too few ideas is what most people complain about, it can also be difficult to keep on track when you have too many ideas floating around. If you're losing focus, try thinking less about things and just executing an idea.
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  • While I think there are some credible points here, he misses the mark for me. By prioritizing STEM education and promoting it, we get ahead of the advanced manufacturing curve. If we wait until there really IS a shortage, we are sunk and a generation behind our competitors. He makes a semantic argument that has no real world value, and in fact, by turning the alarm bells off, could actually be damaging to our economy in the long run. What do you think?
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  • DC circuit for automotive application

    I am building a vehicle called BIKAR(TM), a three wheel vehicle for one person (reverse trike) powered by a motorcycle engine.  To add reverse, I have built a drive train that incorporates a 4HP 12VDC motor linked to the driveshaft, so it will be turning all the time, like an alternator on your car.  I want the DC motor to provide reverse and limited forward movement for parking, but also charge the battery when the gas engine is moving the vehicle. There will be a deep cycle 12V battery on board to provide AC, which is why I need the heavy duty charging ability.

    If anybody out there is familiar with automotive DC circuits and could help by reviewing my proposed circuit, or proposing a better one,  I  would appreciate it.  For more info on the BIKAR project, visit my website or the BIKAR project on InnoVenture or my LinkedIn Profile.  Thanks for your help.

    Mickey Dorsey

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  • Is your product idea a winner? Of course. Yeah, absolutely. Definitely. Why not? All answers you can expect from your local hobbyist inventor (and possibly yourself) when asked if anyone is sitting by the (smart)phone waiting for their latest, greatest product. But is there really such demand for a drone that delivers books or a pneumatic tube that shoots you across California? Some simple tests will tell you whether you should keep on down that road, or change direction.
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  • Generally speaking, one should assume a very low probability of failure for PLC controllers. Most of you who are looking for PLC controller failure rate estimates like MTBF statistics, the data is to be an ends to a means. What you are ultimately looking for are answers to questions, like what parts and how many should you stock, what are the weak areas, how to make your equipment more reliable, is a PLC controller more reliable than another form of control, etc
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  • The contest was a huge success in my estimation, and it has been quite fun launching this site. Are you ready for the winners?
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  • The best way to get a job is to have your network of friends and colleagues get you one. When that falls short though, it’s up to you to sell yourself. Given that literally hundreds of candidates might apply for each open position, it’s not necessarily the most qualified candidate that will get the job, but the candidate with the best sales ability.
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  • Featured Blogger

    Proposal Pro Tips

    So, I had the opportunity to review some proposals at work recently. Fun times (enter sarcasm here). At times it felt dull and tedious, but there was definitely some learning points in there. Regardless of how many years of experience one has with submitting proposals, proposals can be better. Trust me. I may not be a pro at much, but when I see folks with 15, 20+ years of experience making kinda silly mistakes on their proposals, it does really make me wonder. For real.

    My ad hoc list of tips:
    • Some Requests for Proposals (RFPs) have a page limit for certain areas, such as the capability statement, past performance, etc. If you get 2 pages for something, fill up two pages. Try to give enough information to the technical reviewer of your proposal. Sometimes, it's okay to go a bit over the limit, but don't go too crazy. If your max limit per the RFP is 2 pages, and you submit 3, you might not get penalized, but if you submit 10 pages, then that's another issue. Some organizations have regulations that allow reviewers to throw out (dismiss) for being non-responsive, and not adhering to page limits can be considered by some contract administrators as being non-responsive.
    • Try to show in your proposal that you can actually do what is required in the statement of work. Show valid examples. For example, if I am needing a pilot, don't tell me that you can drive a car, and since both have steering wheels, you can transfer what you do in the car easily to maneuvering a car. It don't work like that.
    • If I need x,y, and z to be done, and you can only do x and y, do tell how z is going to be handled. Do you have a sub in mind for z? Who's the sub? What's their qualifications? What's their past performance? This is kinda important.  
    • Grammar and spelling counts. Proof read and double check. Enough said.
    • Don't be arrogant. Arrogance is such a turn off. It's fine to say that you are the best in something, but don't shove the point past the reader's throats.
    • Follow the instructions. If multiple documents have to be submitted with your proposal, submit them all. Even missing just one is grounds for dismissing the proposal.
    • If a form is given to you to submit your price proposal and you can't figure out how to use it, well dang. Looks worse for you when it's an excel sheet with the explicit instructions to "put your price(s) in the highlighted cells." Just saying.

    Hope this helps. I know I'm looking forward to receiving and reading better proposals.

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  • I recently had the opportunity to share my thoughts on engineering leadership with, the most-visited engineering career site online. It's a tricky and dare-I-say controversial topic, not the milquetoast subject you might imagine. The innate traits required to be a successful leader balanced against the learned ones, the nature vs the nurture, and the importance of technical skills in a role that traditionally is heavy on soft skills - I touch upon them all and more.
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