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Adam Bush

What's your specialty?CAD Design (Pro/ENGINEER)

Alexander Hussain

What's your specialty?Mechanical Design

Roland Guilmet

What's your specialty?Embedded Software


What's your specialty?(Micro and Nano) Medical devices

Steve Rentmeesters

What's your specialty?Embedded system design

Tom Borja

What's your specialty?large software system development

Mickey Love

What's your specialty?automotive engineer

Pragnesh Patel

What's your specialty?Embedded software

Allen Brenneman

What's your specialty?medical device R&D management, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering


What's your specialty?Electrical Engineering

R Allen

What's your specialty?Medical devices

David Ambrose

What's your specialty?Software, electronics, optics

Fred richards

What's your specialty?Medical devices

Charles Francis Bacon

What's your specialty?Polymath

Nadav Zohar

What's your specialty?UX design

Dan Wilson

What's your specialty?mechnaical engineering

Shawn Archer

What's your specialty?Mechanical Engineering

Chris DeMatty

What's your specialty?Mechanical

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