Richard Savoie

Boston, MA


What's your specialty? Medical devices

Main job title, if applicable Engineering Director

What are your interests? Biomedical engineering, med devices, cardiology, electrophysiology, audio engineering and dsp, guitar, hiking, running, and music.

Education, accomplishments, other stuff I'm proud of BSECE from Northeastern, 2002 Patents awarded Thousands of medical devices sold into WW market Cross functional leader on variety of successful med device projects

ELFS will be great for me because I am looking for stuff, have stuff to give, have lots of experience in a specialty, am looking to connect with entrepreneurs, have great ideas but need help

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"And here's an even better roundup on the up to date brain-training apps available to you:"
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"Here's another great resource.
According to the designers, "Our team of data scientists and engineering education experts spent the last six months analyzing data and making our website's search features the best of…"
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"Hi Neil. I've also cross posted this on our LinkedIn page here:
Good luck."
"If you're looking for resources on where to get your degree in Computer Engineering or related disciplines, also check out this fantastic page that is edited by actual engineering students! It's a great way to find the right program based on what ma…"
"Hi iGLADD! Welcome. 
Please post some general info about your project and what you think you may need on our "Need Stuff" forum. Even details about the type of skills you're looking for in a collaborator would help! 
I will cross-post it on our Link…"
"A few more replies over on LinkedIn, Dick. "
"Hi Dick,
Welcome aboard!  I'm not an expert on this, but a colleague just introduced me to this conductive ABS filament for additive printers and it could be an avenue for you to investigate. Have a look:
"Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the great feedback!  I just added custom search bars to the forum page and the groups page. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any posts from you. Usually they would show up here on your activity feed as well. Is there a chance…"
"Welcome, Gregory!
Try posting for the stuff you need in our Need Stuff forum and we will broadcast it out over LinkedIn, twitter, etc to our network of over 3000 engineers.

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