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  • DC circuit for automotive application

    I am building a vehicle called BIKAR(TM), a three wheel vehicle for one person (reverse trike) powered by a motorcycle engine.  To add reverse, I have built a drive train that incorporates a 4HP 12VDC motor linked to the driveshaft, so it will be turning all the time, like an alternator on your car.  I want the DC motor to provide reverse and limited forward movement for parking, but also charge the battery when the gas engine is moving the vehicle. There will be a deep cycle 12V battery on board to provide AC, which is why I need the heavy duty charging ability.

    If anybody out there is familiar with automotive DC circuits and could help by reviewing my proposed circuit, or proposing a better one,  I  would appreciate it.  For more info on the BIKAR project, visit my website mechanical-enterprises.com or the BIKAR project on InnoVenture or my LinkedIn Profile.  Thanks for your help.

    Mickey Dorsey

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