Making rubber conductive

Hi folks,

I have a question. I have a project that I am working on and part of that involves adding a rubberized coating to a hand tool. The rubber is being added mainly to give the tool grip, but I'd also like to make the rubber conductive and add electronics to determine which part of the tool is being touched.

What I''m thinking of if doping the urenthane (isocyanate) with the same materials that are used to make paint conductive. The type of paint that is used to coat  the inside of electronic equipment for EMC protection. Problem is, I don't know what that doping material is nor do I know how much to add to rubber, or if it would interfere with the binding characterisitcs of the urethane if the incorrect amount is added.

So, does anyone out there know if this can be done? Can a urethane based, rubber coating be doped to make it conductive? The higher the conductiveity the better.



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    A few more replies over on LinkedIn, Dick. 

  • Thanks Rich,

    I'll check into your suggestion. Glanced at it earlier today and the concept looks promising.


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    Hi Dick,

    Welcome aboard!  I'm not an expert on this, but a colleague just introduced me to this conductive ABS filament for additive printers and it could be an avenue for you to investigate. Have a look:

    I'll cross post this on our LinkedIn group and twitter feed to hopefully get you some great answers!



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