Dick Wessels

Palmdale, CA


What's your specialty? Medical Device design and EMC

Main job title, if applicable Sr Systems Engineer

What are your interests? Interaction of varoius medical systems with implanted medical devices. Adoption of accepted practices in novel applications Working on ideas too "out there" for large business

Education, accomplishments, other stuff I'm proud of BSEE from Iowa State 3 patents for implantable medical devices Member of international commitees developing standards for AIMDs Being a "generalist"

ELFS will be great for me because I am looking for stuff, have stuff to give, have lots of experience in a specialty, am looking to connect with entrepreneurs, have great ideas but need help

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"Thanks Rich,
I'll check into your suggestion. Glanced at it earlier today and the concept looks promising.
Hi folks,I have a question. I have a project that I am working on and part of that involves adding a rubberized coating to a hand tool. The rubber is being added mainly to give the tool grip, but I'd also like to make the rubber conductive and add e…
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