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Follow Up to my DSL problem

The new suggestion is to get the router to "look" like a PC is logging in.

I was told AT&T keeps tight control of this.

If your own hardware does NOT look like a PC the login fails.

Anyone know how to get my router to "look" like a PC?

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3 Replies · Reply by Richard Savoie Dec 18, 2013

Stepper motor recommendations

Hey Engineers,

I am also trying my hand at a 3d printer project with an arduino kit, but I have NO idea what kind of stepper motors I should be using. I see there are a couple of threads about it but you don't mention the actual ones you are using. Ca

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4 Replies · Reply by Max Rafferty Nov 1, 2013


Urgent - Electrical Engineer needed for interview about career for major magazine

Media Outlet: Workforce Diversity Magazine


Electrical engineer answering email questions about own career


Must work fulltime for company with more than 3,000 U.S.

Respond here or email me at info at enginee

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Urgent! Need UAV/Drone experts with knowledge of their use in real estate video recording

This is for a story being done on a major tech website. If you have any experience, knowledge, or strong opinions, please get in touch.

Looking for popularity trend increase indications, regulatory/legal climate surrounding lack of FAA guidance, and

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I have AT&T DSL.

I've been connected to their system for over 15 years.

The CAT5 cable connected to my PC NIC is my gateway to the outside world. Works consistently. Never a problem.

I NEED someone to explain to me why two different wireless routers wil

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5 Replies · Reply by Joe O'Brien Nov 23, 2013

Looking for used Bucket Cenntrifuges

I am looking for used bucket centrifuges that can hold 6L at a time (Like Beckman Avanti with a JLA-8.1 rotor). Does anyone have any of these laying around that they would be willing to sell? Please let me know.Jack
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Older SW QA tool licenses

I'm basically developing my own SQA test suite. Not sure if it will end up becoming a product in its own right or just for me and my business. Wondering if anyone has old licenses that they can give me, as I'm trying to cull together best practices f

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3D printing components

Hi, I'm always on the lookout for anything I can use for my growing fleet of 3D printers. I've been toying with them awhile and have a couple built with raspberry pi / arduino kits. If anyone has liquid abs in various durometers and colors or any oth

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