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We need to apply a heat-activated adhesive tape (3/4” and 1”) to the edge of a composite material consisting of polyester foam, PVC, and a nylon stretch fabric. The material is fabricated in two widths, and is cut into a variety of shapes, which are used for bracing of body parts. 

We’re looking for something that can apply pressure – we’re thinking spring-loaded rollers - and 250°F heat along this edge width, and if it can feed and guide the tape to a centered position on the material, so much the better.

We're talking to a few machinists, but if anyone on the list has any vendors, equipment types, or other recommendations to offer, we'd appreciate it!

Many thanks!

Lee Taylor

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  • Admin

    Thanks Jim and Michael.

    I've passed these great responses on to Lee on LinkedIn also.



  • Try talking with the fellows at Luciano Packaging in NJ:

    Marty Gunderman in their shop can figure out just about any kind of sensitive packaging config.

    best-  jak3

  • Lee, Not sure if this will specifically meet your needs, but there are "fuser rollers" used in laser printers. These assemblies are designed to fuse the toner onto the sheet of paper, using heat. Here is a link describing the overall process:

    If the overall stack height of the materials being joined is thicker than a sheet of paper (yes) then you'll need to adjust the spacing between the rollers.  The rollers are usually spring-loaded which is a start.

    Good luck -


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