Follow Up to my DSL problem

The new suggestion is to get the router to "look" like a PC is logging in.

I was told AT&T keeps tight control of this.

If your own hardware does NOT look like a PC the login fails.

Anyone know how to get my router to "look" like a PC?

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  • Admin

    Hi Joe,

    Replying in the thread here will do the trick. Max will get a notification that another message has been posted. Alternately, if you add him as a friend (go to his profile to do so), then you can correspond via direct messages.



  • How do I reply to Max Rafferty? Netgear N600.

    How do I reply to anyone in general?

  • Side thought - If you plug your cat5 into your router, and then use another cable to plug the router into your machine, does this work? I am trying to determine if it is a router problem or a wireless problem.

    additionally, what models of router are you using?

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