The space factory group has recently launched a new discussion about a project of a space-based large reflector array to beam directed-energy down to Earth either

- toward solar-cells farms connected to cities's electrical smart-grids or,
- to beam next generation high-flying electrical wide-body aircrafts.

In order to avoid the mass-and-cost penalty imposed by the use of large space-based radiators as heat-sinks to dissipate heat-losses due to the conversion of photovoltaïc-originated electical power to light by using laser-diodes light then focused in a bunddle of optic-fibers emitting a hightly-concentrated beam, the think tank group has raised the expectation of a new system that could avoid the use of optronic devices and that could only use light beams waveguiding principle from the reflector to the optic-fiber.

The idea is that any hexagon cell of the large-base reflector could focus and concentrate sun-beams directly inside an optic fiber by using purely optical-based device.

The space group needs energy-harvesting specialists to raise its skills in energy-harvesting systems.

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