advice on 3D printing

if you're looking to get into it, i've made a couple myself from raspberry pi and arduino kits and maybe you can learn from my (many) mistakes. friend me and feel free to ask anything you want.

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Tags: 3d printing
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  • I'm looking to build one, but I have NO IDEA where to start! What resources do you recommend? I'm looking for some tutorials on the overall idea of making one.

    John, what's the difference in ABS and PLA? Where can I find some quality info on both?

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    Hey John,

    We've actually been looking at various 3d printers for our office but I'm trying to sort out whether we really need ABS or if PLA will be ok. Found a couple of good resources but do you have any practical advice to share?  I've used ABS parts for various things for years - tough, durable, chemical insolvent, etc but the printers need a heated bed to keep the parts from warping. I know nothing about PLA though...can I make thin parts with it?  Will they be super brittle? 


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