This discussion is for all the best online STEM magazines, i.e. sites that have full length features, multi-media articles, and generally more than your typical blog. They tend to go in depth into subjects much like a print magazine, but aren't necessarily associated with one.  I'll drop a couple that I like, but please do add your own to the discussion!

New Scientist

I like New Scientist because they often do in depth analyses on controversial issues that impact society, not just the environment, health or technology. There is a heavy psychology bend to their pieces that I really enjoy. They also tend to be skeptical and well-balanced, not the type to jump on the bandwagon even at the risk of being unpopular.

Discover Magazine

Still my favorite hardcopy mag to take on a plane, and the web version doesn't disappoint. Probably on the opposite end from New Scientist, i.e. popularist, left-leaning environmental idealism and alarmism, heaps of stories about robots and space, and just generally a fun magazine with less focus on the science and more on the cool. Basically like PopSci but more stuff about space.

Bang! Science

A magazine by Oxford University, and easily the most aesthetically appealing science magazine on the web. Fun to read, with great illustrations and reasonable analysis. The stories are a bit more bloggish, but I'd still consider it a magazine.

So there's three. What STEM magazines do you read online?

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