Here is a roundup of some popular and useful calculator sites on the web. Most of them are java based except for the Android and Apple ones for your mobile devices. It’s great to calculate on the go, or in the office, so here are some solutions for both.

  1.  This site has a plethora of simple engineering calculators for basic things like angle conversions, pressure, time, chemistry, and other general purpose things. Perfect for students doing assignments or engineers wanting a nice one stop shop. They also have a bookstore and job portal.

  2. Mechanical design, tolerancing, geometry, and more. The selections are VERY specific and granularly listed. Perhaps an ME would get more out of them, as most are Greek to me (so to speak), but there certainly lots of them!

  3. A popular alternative to a handheld engineering calculator, although they’ll be hard pressed to get me to give up my TI-85, sticky buttons or not. Looks pretty good, and has a wide range of function, so could be a great alternative for someone used to a traditional calculator and not ready to get into Matlab, etc.

  4. For Android and Apple:

    1. - A popular iPhone scientific calculator

    2. - The most popular Android scientific calculator

    3. - A popular graphing calc for Android

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