Electronic Rod Clamp

Is anyone aware of a good method for securely clamping a small (8mm) threaded rod, that can be quickly clamped/unclamped electronically?

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Tags: electronics
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  • Max-

    Did you find a solution to this, or are you still looking?



  • Joseph - Do you have a link to that particular model? I have investigated several syringe pumps and most seem to have a fixed gear.

    Also, tangentially, you may be right that trying to clamp onto the rod to engage the gears may not be the most direct approach. Don's suggestion of a solenoid could be used to push a gear back and fourth to drive different axes, but I would be concerned about guaranteeing that the gears meshed reliably, as they would need to engage immediately,  without the motor spinning, to maintain print fidelity.

  • Max - A lot of the syringe pumps use threaded rod for mechanical actuation. One particular model does have a means for clamping and releasing the worm gear. It is performed manually, not electrically, but it may be a useful principal. However I am having a little difficulty visualizing your application.

  • Hi Don. Sure! I'm working on a 3D printer design that calls for what amounts to an very simple transmission - a threaded rod sitting directly on the head of a stepper motor that can switch between the X and Z axes, which do not need to move simultaneously. To drive either axis, the clamping mechanism would close on the spinning rod to either move the z axis up and down meshing directly with the rod, or clamp onto it to drive a gear to move the X back and fourth.

    If there are other ideas for how to accomplish this I am open, but part of the intent of the design is to create a beltless/chainless system to simplify print calibration.



  • A solenoid with a threaded shaft?

    Any other details?


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