Why Is Powder Mixing so Difficult?

June 19 at 1 PM CDT



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 Webinar Summary: 

The purpose of this webinar is to help engineers and scientists recognize problems with powder mixing.  Some problems are easily solved with simple adjustments to fill level or blend time.  Other problems involve the effects of certain design features of the mixing equipment.  Most powder processing problems are because the physical processes of mixing are not well understood.

The basic objective of the course is learning how to make the best use of existing powder mixers.  All opportunities should be explored and any improvements made to existing equipment before considering other types of mixers.  Changing mixers will always create some new problems.  An unbiased description of different types of powder mixing equipment is useful, but evaluation and testing of different mixing equipment is always recommended.

Understanding powder properties does not necessarily predict mixing success, but powder properties may explain why problems exist.  All powder mixers will work, but only for certain types of powders and applications.


Viewers Will Learn:

  • The differences between liquid and powder mixing
  • Answers to the most common questions about powder mixing:
    • How long do I need to blend?
    • How do I know if I have a uniform blend?
    • How should I use the blender I have?
    • Would a different type of blender work better?
  • Some common problems with powder mixers:
    • The mixer is overfilled
    • Blending runs too long
    • Wrong type of mixer
  • More about some common types of powder mixers:
    • Tumble blenders
    • Horizontal blenders
    • Rotating screw blenders
    • High intensity blenders

Who Should Attend:

  • Engineers, scientists, and technicians who do powder mixing in process applications will learn about some difficulties with powder mixing.
  • People who have problems with powder mixing will learn about common problems and ways to improve mixing.
  • Engineers, and scientists who have new responsibilities for mixing processes or those who have existing process problems.
  • Technical people who are familiar with only one or two types of powder mixers may learn about other types of mixers that would work better for their processes.

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