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Unlike some other engineering forums, I want this site to be as inclusive as possible. Everyone involved in innovation knows that sometimes you must look outside your own domain expertise to find novel solutions to problems that may not be obviously applicable to your own situation. So I hope that experts and non-experts alike will try to pitch in and throw ideas against the wall to see what sticks. 

There are a few basic categories which you will see when you hover over the ELForum link above. They are rather self explanatory. I tried using templates and post guidelines on our sister LinkedIn site, but found over time that it wasn't worth the headache because nobody follows them. Just please try to include as much relevant detail in your initial post so that we aren't scratching our heads with no idea on how to help.


Rule #1: No abuse!  Keep your egos in check and do your best not to insult others, even if they may not be as helpful as you'd like or might irritate you in some way.

Rule #2: No spam!  Keep your promotions to the Blogs section and status updates of your own profile. The forum is intended for discussion, not selling. ELFS has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for spam. Anyone reported friending people and pitching themselves or sending copy/paste promotional messages will be immediately banned. Feel free to promote your services or products on your blog or profile, though.

Rule #3: No professional recruiters! This is a place for engineers, not job hunting. If you're looking for traditional jobs, there are plenty of places for that.

Rule #X: That's it. No more rules. Have fun and let's get some interesting discussions going!

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