Siyadh Saidh

What's your specialty? Electrical Engineering

Main job title, if applicable Electrical Engineer

What are your interests? World travel/Photography Soccer/Volleyball Reading Social networking Child Care

Education, accomplishments, other stuff I'm proud of Bachelor of Technology August 2009 — May 2013 University of Kerala 7.13 CGPA Continuing coursework in C and MATLABCoursework in Wireless ElectronicsCoursework in renewable energy and the internet.Critical Electrical Systems coursework Higher Secondary School August 2007 — June 2009 Model technical Higher Secondary School Major: Physical Science 80.5% Continuing coursework in Electronics Continuing coursework in C++ Coursework in Wireless Electronics Coursework in Hyper Frequency Electronics High School August 2004 — March 2007 Al Farookhia Higher Secondary School Got 9A+,1ASchool Topper

ELFS will be great for me because I have lots of experience in a specialty, am looking to connect with entrepreneurs

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