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Nowadays you either need to go down an apprenticeship route or gain a university degree to be known as an engineer but If I were to graduate with an MEng (masters in engineering) then decided to work as a doctor, having not done anything within the engineering field, would I really be an engineer?

Well, with that question in my mind, I thought that it’d be good to look at some of the things that are available as a result of engineering outside an engineering degree.

So let me start with something a lot of us are familiar with:

The wheel!

Yes, the wheel is a product of engineering! Ok, so let me explain; an engineer, in simple terms, solves real life problems. Back in a time where stones were used as tools, our fellow humans found they had a problem – they couldn’t transport objects as easily as they liked; a solution had to be found! And low and behold, the wheel was invented!

If the wheel is a product of engineering, doesn’t that mean the people who invented it are engineers?

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